7 Minutes

Increased Leads for Arcenciel by 25% By Optimizing Landing Page

Arcenciel is a wonderful real estate project by the summit group that is under construction in Mulund, Mumbai. They put together a website to let people reach out and book a flat for them.

Unluckily the people of mumbai were not calling in to ask about the flats, They were loosing money day by day on advertisement online and not getting any leads.

We spilt our approach in 3 steps. Understanding the situation, Auditing current page & Laying out the plan

What's Happening?

Our first question to the DigiMaze marketing team was

“What does analytics say?”


Most of the users didnt make to the end of the website, where the enquiry form lies.


Most of the users wanted to see images of the flat but couldn’t due to the design.


Hero Section just wasn’t clear with their selling point and their value proposition.

Auditing Current Page

Since the most of the users were using mobile device we audited the mobile page primarily.

  • Hero Section is just an image with illegible text
  • Images don’t open up on clicking
  • No value proposition till second-fold
  • Unclear images
  • Confusing Copy
Our Battle Plan

After auditing & going over the data, we had couple of key takeaways before designing.


Need to design for the age group of 30 - 50 years.


We need to sell the luxury and the access to that.


Need to decrease the height of page. Less Scroll.


Simplify the language and make it understandable.


Let users explore the images of the flats.

We just had a week to do everything in 3 Days and We did.


Our team started looking at similar real estate competitors in India and internationally, we benchmarked their websites for structure & visuals.

Key Principles

We noted key principles that will make the website stand out and increase the leads.

Defining Page Stack

We noted key principles that will make the website stand out and increase the leads.

Working on Visual

The website is meant to be lush and bold. We used fonts from Indian Type Foundry and a sleek visual language.

In 3 Days we managed to find some problem, fix them and come up with a awesome looking website that converts.